FantasticA – Character Bios

Below are brief Character biographies for the cast of FantasticA.

If you don’t know what that means, go here;

Douglas Flynn – Douglas is from our world, a low level advertising copywriter who ends up transported through mystical means in the fantastical world of FantasticA. He is less than impressed, and doesn’t mind voicing his miserable outlook on the adventuring life, though he’s generally a good egg.

Bradwick – Bradwick is a peasant of the village of Mudpile. He is naive, honest and thoroughly pleasant. He is uneducated, but not unintelligent, and harbours a long standing love for Princess Nivea, though he never once believes that it could go anywhere.

Princess Nivea – Nivea (pronounced Nuh-VAY-uh) is the heir to the throne. She is intelligent, educated and somewhat impulsive. She believes in social equality, which sometimes puts her at loggerheads with her somewhat more ‘traditional’ mother.

The Queen – The Queen of FantasticA is a wise, well loved and formidable leader. While she is ‘one of the good ones’ she is a little regressive, especially when it comes to social class. She loves her daughter more than anything, but realises that duty is of paramount importance.

The Knight Captain – The Knight Captain is from a long line of aristocratic warriors who have protected the Monarchy and the Castle from threats stretching back long into FantasticA’s past. He has little more than contempt for the lower classes, and a short temper.

Kenneth – A lonely old man who lives in a cave.

The High Priest – School master of the only school in FantasticA, s/he despises young people for their lack of respect to his position. He is a worming toady who craves power above all else.

Messenger – a messenger.

Baron Brackish – a jovial and mercurial aristocrat, friendly and generous but… well, there’s something about him.

Liam Liesmith – He has tremendous respect for women and ethnic people. He has the best numbers. He is more popular and healthier than any other old man in FantasticA. He is bigly impressive and knows all the best words.

The Ogre – A sensitive and loquacious creature, lonely in the extreme but wise and gentle at the same time. It is a shame he looks so fearsome, because all he really wants is to curl up beside a comfy fire and have a cup of cocoa over a good book.

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